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Our vision is to cater to the community and surrounding neighborhoods by offering "right on time shine" cleaning services. With the ability to create a glow like experience  with our employees, a eye capturing scenery with our customers and continuous reassurance with our stakeholders.


Our mission is to provide quality cleaning services. We desire to bring about a balance to households, so that families can spend more quality time together on a daily.


The Glow Promise

No matter how big or how small the space is, we are equipped to give it the glow you need! Glow is structured as an enterprise, uniquely combining elements of time management and exceptional cleaning services, because of that Glow is considered the go to cleaning company from Los Angeles to Pasadena, CA. We offer services for any and every occasion. Whether it be helping you stay on schedule with your daily home rituals, preparing your dorm for moving in and or moving out, the office events that tend to get a little messy, birthday celebrations and even club events, we are here to help. Guess what? We will even clean up before, during or after your event. 

We guarantee that your space will be cleaned with a level of excellence that is second to none! 

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